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09/02-4/17 Weekend Labor Day, Fiesta Hermosa (Sign-up's for volunteers)

09/06/17 Wed Literary Salon (DARK)

09/13/17 Wed General Meeting @ Clark Bldg 11:00am

10/04/17 Wed Literary Salon @ TBD 11:00am

10/11/17 Wed General Meeting @ Clark Bldg 11:00am

10/2017 TBD Pancake Basket Party

10/14/17 Sat, Area C Conference, Santa Monica Woman's Club 9 am-2pm

10/15/17 Sun Annual Pancake Breakfast @ Clark Bldg 8:00am-noon

11/01/17 Wed Literary Salon @ TBD 11:00am

11/2017 TBD Holiday Boutique

11/08/17 Wed General Meeting @ Clark Bldg 11:00am

12/2017 TBD Cocoa Booth

12/06/17 Wed Literary Salon @ TBD 11:00am

12/13/17 Wed General Meeting @ local restaurant 11:00am

12/2017 TBD Holiday Christmas Caroling

03/07/18 Wed Literary Salon @ Hermosa 5-0 11:00am
03/01/18 Thurs Basket Party for Adrienne's, Kiwanis Hall
03/03/18 Saturday Adrienne's Search for Children's Cancer Cure, Kiwanis Bldg 5:00pm
03/05/18 Mon Student Art/Photo Contest 2:00pm-5:00pm
03/14/18 Wed General Meeting at the Clark Building 11:00am
03/17/18 Saturday 22nd Annual HB St. Patrick's Day Parade 11:00am
04/04/18 Wed Literary Salon @ TBD 11:00am
04/11/18 Wed General Meeting @ Clark Building: Chinese Auction 11:00am
05/02/18 Wed Literary Salon @ tbd 11:00am
05/09/18 Wed General Meeting/May Installation Luncheon at Restaurant (location TBD) 11:00am

Note:  Fundraisers in Red

WCHB receives check for participation in the Fiesta Hermosa's annual beer garden

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