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 The Woman's Club of Hermosa Beach:  1921 - Present


       WCHB was first organized prior to World War I, but became inactive during the Great War.  In 1920 women in the US received the right to vote, and in the following year Mrs. Frances Rice founded the Woman's Club Organization.  The group made rapid strides and was officially approved November 14, 1921 as a member of the Los Angeles District Federation of Women's Clubs by Mrs. John C. Urquehart.  The Club became a member of the State organization on February 22, 1922.

       From the beginning WCHB became involved in acquiring and selling property as an investment vehicle, which has been an important source of revenue.  The first property, a lot far from the center of town, was donated and subsequently raffled off for $750.  These proceeds were used to relocate and remodel a house from the Strand to the 17th Street walk street.   This house had been donated to the WCHB members by Directors of the Surf and Sand Club of the Biltmore Hotel.  This was the Clubhouse until it was sold in 1961.  Also, land near Prospect and Artesia purchased from the Walter Ransom Company in 1961 was subsequently sold in 1988.  Interest on the proceeds from the sale of this property continues to help fund our philanthropies.

       Following WWI, the Club was active in patriotic activities.  During WWII, members volunteered as "spotters" who watched the coast for signs of enemy activity.   Records indicate that the Club consistently held monthly or bi-monthly meetings including Literary Salon Programs, performances, and lectures.  In March of 1972 WCHB celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  Newspapers accounts show that the Woman's Club sponsored various fund raisers, collaborated with other non profit organizations within the City, and supported our local schools and parks.

       Other Interesting Tidbits:

  • 1940 was the first year a member was listed by her first name and not her husband's (Mrs. Pearl Richardson)
  • In 1955, using the WCHB as a model, Frances Young established the Hermosa Beach Garden Club.
  • Since 1970, women of the club have been "Woman of the Year" in Hermosa Beach for their extraordinary efforts, starting with Betty Ryan (1970), Marie Diaz (1992), Thelma Greenwald (1997), Jean Lombardo (1999), Yvonne Amarillas (2000), Kathy Dunbabin (2002), Elaine Doerfling (2003), Susan Blaco (2004), Dorothy Yost (2005), Barbara Clark (2008), Pat Love (2009), Vicki Garcia (2010), Corinne Ybarra (2011), Carol Tanner (2012), Joline Blais (2013), Janice Brittain (2014), Jackie Flaherty (2016), Maureen Ferguson Lewis (2017), and continuing…
  • In 2007, the WCHB held a Roaring 20's Party that was the talk of the Town and the District.
  • In 2008, the Club began sponsoring an annual fundraiser for pediatric cancer, "Adrienne's Search for Children's Cancer Cure," developed by member Adrienne Slaughter, a pediatric cancer survivor.
  • The 2012-2013 Club Yearbook was a "Facebook" edition, for the first time providing photos of each Club member.
  • April 2013 saw a grand Spring Tea with Fashion Show at the historic Clark Building to celebrate the Club's 90th Anniversary.
  • The Club is helping Hermosa Beach be a Host Town for the Summer 2015 Special World Olympics/Los Angeles.   
  • 2015 The club organized the first ever Christmas Carolers to the homes of the ill & infirmed members of the club  

Your WCHB has upwards of ninety members many of whom are taking leadership roles in the community and participating in federation activities as well as in civic and other non profit organizations.

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"I've always believed that one woman's success can only help another woman's success." 
- Gloria Vanderbilt